Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Project: American Flag quilted throw

My fabric came in the mail today, and I started cutting the red squares for my next project, an American flag throw for my boyfriend. I am keeping it pretty simple, seeing as how my boyfriend doesn't like things complicated or "busy" looking. I went with Old Glory II fat quarter bundles, paired with a few scraps I had left over for some of the blue and white squares. I went with darker colors, to make it look more "country", and also to keep it toned down since it is for my boyfriend and he doesn't go for overly bright colors. Here is a sneak peek at the red squares I finished cutting tonight.
I ordered my fabric from Fat Quarter Shop, and I love their selection and their customer service. I'm already working on designing a Christmas quilt and plan to buy the fabrics for it from them as well. I highly recommend them to people who are looking to purchase precuts, or even just yardage.
 I'm still just starting out, and fat quarters are an easy way for me to build my "stash". I'm doing this one by hand as well, so it's going to be a long process, but I find sewing it by hand is soothing, and I feel more in control than when I use a machine. I definitely want to get more practice on a sewing machine, but the only one I have, which was my mother's Singer that is at least 35 years old isn't working. I've been meaning to take it to have someone look at it, and haven't found the time to, since I really dont have anywhere to put it right now anyway. I do want to get it fixed, just because there have been several quilts, older than I am pieced and quilted on that machine. It makes me think of my mom, and the fact that is one of the machines made from metal and not plastic is a testament to the fact that it has last 35 years. Anyway, that is all the cutting I've gotten done so far, and its time for me to hit the sheets. Once I've made some progress on the piecing I'll post more pictures.

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