Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Even Busier Than Before

I don't know that there are many people who read this blog, I can hope that there are, but for those that do you are probably wondering where I have been. If I thought I was busy a few weeks ago, I am even busier now, and don't have regular access to a personal computer, so the blogging has been put on hold. My sister had to have her gallbladder taken out unexpectedly, and things on the medical front with the boyfriend are not going as well as we had hoped either. So its been a very busy couple of weeks. That being said, I have been sewing a lot in the evenings, and whenever I do make it back to the blogging world, I PROMISE I will have some pictures of new quilts. Pinky Promise!

If you're the praying type I would appreciate any prayers sent our way over the next few weeks. Thank you in advance!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lots of Small Projects

Between work, and everything else going on in my life I haven't managed to get as much done as I would like to, but I still have accomplished a lot.

I pieced the quilt top for my sock monkey baby quilt, and finished the blocks for my Positively Retro quilt, and got two trick or treat bags sewn (they still needs handles), and 2 throw pillow covers sewn and quilted that match the Old Glory Throw I handquilted for my boyfriend several months ago.

I also managed to get up early today and bought the batting, backing fabric and binding for the Postiviely Retro quilt, and sock monkey baby quilt. I'm going to try a pieced back for them. We'll see how that goes.

This is my To Do List (It never seems to get any shorter!)
Piece backings for 2 quilts
Make binding for 2 quilts
QUILT 2 quilts
Make handles for Trick or Treat bags
Get (good) pictures of all my quilts
Finish cutting for my (2nd) watermelon quilt and piece the top

I'm not sure when I will have time to do all of this, and I just keep adding to it.
I ordered fabric for a Halloween quilt after seeing this quilt. I love all of Amy's quilts, but this one is one of my favorites and I'm going to try and somewhat replicate it for my couch by Halloween.

The list of projects I want to do is growing much faster than my list of completed projects. Here is a sneak peek.
1. Halloween Throw Quilt
2. Christmas Throw Quilt with 3. Matching pillows and possibly 4. matching tree skirt (So I guess this counts as 3 seperate projects, even if they do match!)
5. Purle quilt for my cousin's daughter (this needs to be done before she starts back to school, so this should really be moved up the list)
6. Chair cushions for my dining table.
7. I was wanting to do the Mario Quilt Along over at Cut To Pieces, but that may have to be saved and filed for a time when I am less busy.
8. Another fall table runner, seeing as how I gifted the last one.
9. Maybe some Halloween pillows to match the Halloween throw
10. Numerous Christmas gifts I haven't even begun to list, and should because I know that I won't get them done if I dont.
11. A throw for my dad
12. Some lemon and lime felt coasters for my sister

And that isn't even all of it, that is just what I can remember!

 But let me leave you with something I DID get done.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Busiest Week Ever

As I'm sure you have heard, the midwest and eastern United States got hit with one heck of a storm a week ago, and that is where I have been. I work for our local electric utility here, and since Friday I have been working 10 and 12 hours shifts EVERY DAY. I am exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Not to mention I am fairly certain I have developed an ulcer because of everything that has been going on.

In good news, I am going to have a fantastic paycheck, and that means, when I do actually have the time I can buy LOTS of fabric and make LOTS more quilts. I also did manage to finish my bandana picnic quilt. (Please excuse the horrible pictures, I am too tired, and in my pajamas to take good pictures, but I am determined to get better pictures of all my quilts soon)

I will leave you with these pictures, as I am going to bed and sleeping as late as I can in the morning :)