Friday, October 5, 2012

Farmer's Wife

Short but sweet.

I'm working on my Farmer's Wife blocks in between other projects, and it is definitely going to take me awhile seeing as how my list of things to do never gets any shorter. (If anything it gets longer!) I ordered more fabric earlier this week, and I'm in the process of ordering some more right now! I am working on trying to get my dad's quilt basted, which is my least favorite part of the quilting process. I'm also undertaking a baby quilt for a woman at work, not to mention the Nativity Scene Panel I am sewing for my sister (just hoping that gets finished before Christmas at this point!). Several years ago (Long enough that I can't remember exactly when, but I know I was a little girl) my grandmother made my father and mother and my uncles and aunts Nativity Scenes from panels at JoAnn Fabrics. I still have ours, and so I was excited to find that JoAnn stores still carry them! It's something I always enjoy putting out at Christmas, so I am excited to be making one for my sister.

Anyway, to keep it short I managed to make a few more Farmer's Wife blocks this week (mostly while I was putting off basting) and to see how they were looking so far I laid them out on the bed to get an idea of how things are coming together and what colors I am short on.

So far I think it is looking really good together, and all laid out its much harder to notice all the little imperfections in each individual block, so that is definitely a plus and may stop me from remaking some of the blocks. I'm still trying to decide if I need to work in some different colors or fabric lines. I'm absolutely loving the currant color in Fig Tree's new line Tapestry, so that may work it's way in there too!

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