Monday, March 18, 2013

Farmer's Wife blocks are almost finished

I haven't been posting much about my Farmer's Wife quilt lately. Mostly because by the time I use the templates to cut out all those little pieces and then sew them back together I am a little bit sick of it. (But still in love with it at the same time, how does that happen?) This weekend I finished 5 more blocks and realized that I am only 7 blocks short of being finished. I am NOT making all 111 blocks, I am doing 72, and using a different setting that I found here, and then a nice big border to round it out. I should end up with a nice full/queen size quilt. I am super excited for Avalon from Fig Tree quilts, I am definitely using the yardage to make the border and probably the backing and binding as well. I love the way the different Fig Tree quilt lines work together. Not to mention how ecstatic I am for Joanna's newest line Honey Sweet! Have you seen the snail peek on her blog? If not, please go check it out!

The Spiderweb block is probably my favorite. At least for right now. It seems my favorite block changes every day or so, but I am in LOVE with how the Tapestry fabric mixed with the Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric and makes the block appropriately fall looking.

I have been busy working on lots of projects, but not finishing many of them. My resolution this year was to work on my WIP list, and so far the only thing I have crossed off is my Butterscotch Cake quilt and it's already March! But I am still plugging away at several things and trying to work on a couple things and get them finished. I have way too many things going on all at once, and I bounce back and forth way too much to get much done, but I am going to try and change that. I'm going to work really hard to finish my Flower Girl quilt top and post some pictures. My Sidebraid quilt has been patiently waiting with its backing and binding to be basted and quilted. SO many quilts I want to do!
What is your bad quilting habit?

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