Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

I hate losing an hour of sleep. But I love that it is now going to be daylight when I get home from work. It also means that Spring is almost here, and I am definitely ready for Spring. Yesterday was 60 and sunny! I didn't get to enjoy it (that is a long story) but at least it was a taste of what is to come. I have been working on some projects even though my blog has been relatively quite the last couple weeks.

My Grandmother's Flower Garden is constantly a WIP as well as my Farmer's Wife although I have been very inattentive to me FW blocks lately. I've been rather addicted to making pillows lately. I found some beautiful Denyse Schmidt fabric at my local Joann Store and it made me dream of Spring, so I made some matching pillow covers to brighten up our drab, ugly, old dilapidated couch. (You can tell I'm not a fan of it) I am however a fan of these beautiful pillows!

I finally used my Tri Recs tool on the front pillow, and it was strange at first figuring out how to sew those triangles together (my seam ripper and I got well acquainted for a little while) but after the first little bit it was a lot easier, and I love the results! It was a simple envelop back. The other pillow in the back has a zipper closure at the bottom. I'm getting pretty good at putting zippers in!

I also have ordered some more fabric and it came just the other day, and although I have other projects I NEED to work on, I will probably end up cutting into this today.

I have been in LOVE with Dream On fabric by Urban Chiks for Moda for a while now, but was SO sad that I had missed out on it. I didn't quilt in 2010 when this fabric came out, and I have been seeing all the beautiful quilts on blogs and Flickr and of course the fabric was printed several years ago and I had given up on ever having any of my own. And then I found it. For $3.99 a yard no less!! I ordered 15 yards. They didn't have all of the prints in the collection but they had enough variety to make a wonderful quilt. I ordered 4 yards of the white print on the bottom intending to make it into the quilt back, but I'm fairly certain now that I'm going to use a vintage sheet to back the quilt because that is exactly what this fabric reminds me of. And I am most definitely making one big enough to go on my bed. Because I LOVE this fabric.

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