Thursday, February 28, 2013

31 Flowers

That is how many flowers I have so far for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I think I will need about twice that to make a full size quilt. I ordered some more fabric. I decided I needed some reds and some solids and different prints. Also, I am almost out of the first round of fabric I bought. I have decided to quilt this one by hand once I get to that point. I have the one my great grandmother made and I decided I wanted to make mine completely by hand as well.

The new fabric is from various collections. Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Storybook and Naptime just to name a few. I ordered these fabrics from Fabricshack. They have a nice selection of thirties prints. I also added some Kona solids, a yellow and green. The yellow is daffodil the green is escaping me at the moment (I think it's asparagus or some other vegetable name)

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