Monday, February 4, 2013

A Sad Day

This blog is mostly about quilting, but its also an outlet for me. So I am going to share something that is weighing on me today

Today is the day my mother passed away. It marks 4 years without her here and it is still very hard. She tried teaching me to sew when I was younger, but I didn't have the knack for it. I would get to frustrated and couldn't get the hang of a sewing machine to save my life.

My sister and I had the conversation the other the day about it actually. She mentioned that a few years ago she was sure I would never have learned to use a sewing machine, and that mom must have left me her sewing talent.

This is a picture of my wonderful mother when she was a little girl. She really was my best friend, and knew me better than anyone probably ever will.

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