Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In Transit

These two wonderful objects are currently in transit to my home.

Ever since I finished my Weekender bag I have been a lot more confident about my sewing abilities beyond making quilts and I've been wanting to make an "every day" bag.
As for the Heather Ross book I am VERY excited to get it. I love her prints, I unfortunately missed a lot of her fabrics as I just started quilting a little over a year ago. This book will give me a chance to enjoy her prints that I missed. I'm also pretty excited to see her tips for creating designs in Photoshop. I've been considering doing some of my own designs as I really love drawing but had no idea how to go about doing anything like that before. This way I can design some fabric prints and order them from Spoonflower, make my own label and logo, etc.

This is a test block for a quilt I am getting ready to start. A woman at work asked me to make a quilt to match her daughter's pillow cases and bedding. I needed something with pink, yellow and green and butterflies and flowers. I decided on Camille's Flower Girl quilt pattern and picked a few pink and yellow prints and some green prints from Flutter and Bella that have butterflies on them. I'm doing Kona Snow for the background. This block was just to make sure I had my measurements and everything right because I am modifying the size a little. This block may be made into a pillow because I made it from scraps I had laying around and the colors don't really match the fabrics for the quilt.
In other news I am thinking of buying a new machine. The one I have is a great little machine, but that is the problem. It is little. And it is hard to quilt big quilts on. I bought it to see if I was really going to stick with this "quilting thing" as my boyfriend says and since it appears that I am definitely addicted I think it is time to upgrade. I am waiting until I get my taxes back to make the purchase, and I am pretty sure I know which machine I want. I made a list of features I wanted and did a lot of research. But what do you use? I have a Brother right now and I LOVE it. It is an amazing machine. I spent 200 bucks on it at Walmart and it so worth SO much more than that. I mean, it sewed my Weekender bag! But what do you recommend? I still have some more research and trying out of machines before I make the final decision

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