Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Many Works In Progress, Only Actual Progress on One

As you know if you've read any of my recent posts, I am swamped with projects right now, and not just sewing projects. This is such a busy time of the year. The weather is starting to warm up and its time to start getting my garden ready for spring, and time to clean the house. And on top of my deep spring cleaning I am trying to clean out one of our extra bedrooms at my dad's house and turn it into my sewing room. All of this on top of the hundred or so sewing projects I have ongoing right now. Its hard to accomplish anything that isn't sewing related when all I want to do is sew!

I spend a lot of time at my boyfriend's, and my sewing machine is at my house so when I am home I want to sew, not clean, but I know if I get my sewing room set up and get my sewing machine out of my bedroom (where it is right now) it will be a lot easier to sew and keep my projects organized and on track, so that is my goal for this weekend. Cleaning! Organizing!

Speaking of wanting to sew all the time, look at this cute mug I bought! I am in love with it :)

What I do manage to work on steadily is my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, since I spend a lot of time away from my sewing machine I get a lot of hand sewing and quilting done. This quilt I plan to do completely by hand. I have almost all of my flowers done, and soon I will be ready to start putting it all together with the background. I think I am going to use Kona Snow for the background. I like that it isn't a bright white and I think it looks more like a white they would have had in the 1930s. Once the weather warms up I hope to post some pictures of the Flower Garden quilt my great-grandmother made. (Along with some pictures of the other things I have been working on lately. Hopefully I will also have some finishes in the next couple weeks!)

(I love sewing my hexies wrapped up in my Butterscotch Cake quilt!)
But for now I am going to keep working on my hexies, and hopefully I will have this quilt top finished in the next few months. I'm not sure how many white hexies I will need for the background, but I know its going into the hundreds and even as much as I work on it during the week I imagine this quilt will be lucky to be finished totally by the end of the year since I plan to do the quilting by hand too.
Oh, and I'm trying to diet too. That is going about as well as my million works in progress.

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