Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip Time

We had an amazing time Saturday. We didn't get home until around 8 that night, but we got a late start. We drove up Route 60 from Charleston to Hawk's Nest and had a picnic and walked around to the overlook. It is one of the prettiest places in the state. (Fair warning, this is a picture heavy post!)

See that bridge all the way down there? There is a close up later!

From the overlook we drove into the town of Ansted and down the mountain (On a one lane gravel road!) to Hawk's Nest Lake, the part of the river that has pooled up from the dam. We waded in the water a bit, walked down the dock, and watched the tram going up and down the mountain from the lodge.

Here is that bridge from before!

This is the aerial tram that brings people down the mountain from the lodge

Walking out to the end of the floating dock toward the railroad bridge.

From Hawk's Nest we drove further along Route 60 until we hit Route 19 and then headed toward the New River Gorge Bridge. We hadn't planned on going anywhere past Hawk's Nest but our little trip turned into a day long adventure.

These beauties are hanging in the Canyon Rim Visitor Center

And here is the New River Gorge Bridge in all its glory
From there we headed back to Route 60 and to Babcock State Park. It is onw of the most photographed places in the state, and with good reason. It is a working grist mill (Where they use water and a large stone wheel to grind corn into corn meal.) My boyfriend (he grew up mostly in Louisiana) had never been to Babcock before .

We did a LOT of walking. And found a lot of places we want to stop next trip, and some hiking trails we want to try out. It was a great weekend, we had a wonderful time and plan on taking a lot more similar trips this summer.

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