Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

I didn't get much done last weekend, not nearly as much as I had hoped. I have started cutting fabric to make a second watermelon quilt, I also managed to stich up some nifty sleeve things (for rolling up and holding your sleeves) for my boyfriend for work. So he won't have to keep tugging at his sleeves when its hot. They sewed up in a matter of minutes, and now he is requesting them in different colors too! I also got some red and blue fabrics prewashed for a picnic quilt I am working on. That idea I will share when it gets under way. The fabrics I ordered for boy and girl baby quilts came yesterday so I spent last night cutting the fabrics for the baby girl quilt, all from Michael Miller's Children at Play line by Sarah Jane. I got them here. The boy quilt fabrics I got from the same website, but they are Funky Monkey from Moda by Erin Michael with a few other prints thrown in. I am super excited to start on that quilt, but hesitant to start cutting those fabrics. I absolutely adore sock monkeys! I also managed to get my pieces squared up for the picnic quilt I am working on, and I have some more cutting to do for the watermelon quilt I am making for my sister (since I sold the other one!) and also some more cutting on my retro quilt that I have been toying with. Lots of Works In Progress, and I gather from reading other quiting blogs that this is nothing out of the ordinary. I'm going to end up driving my boyfriend crazy with all the fabric I have!

Here are some pictures from the watermelon quilt cutting!


  1. I am some what in the same boat. Within the last few months I've been trying to build my stash and I am almost out of room. Not because I have tons of fabric, but my sewing area is just that small. The cutting, If I had to pick would be my least favorite thing to do.

    1. I definitely am not fond of the cutting either. Part of me is still a little bit afraid of cutting the wrong sizes, etc and having to start over with new fabric, and its just tedious!