Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two finished quilts

I managed to not only finish my table runner this weekend, but also my watermelon picnic quilt. Its amazing to me to have started the watermelon quilt 3 weekends ago, and to have only worked about 6 days on it and have it completely done. I don't have a good picture of it yet, but as soon as my boyfriend gets out of the hospital I plan on having him drive me out somewhere nice and hold it while I take some pictures (he doesn't know this yet.) So my next few projects include, but are not limited to, finishing several raggedy Annie dolls, which I spent this evening working on a little while, my Positively Retro quilt I started cutting fabric for last week,  2 or 3 baby quilts, as well as making some pillow covers to match my American flag quilt, maybe a table square for someone special, and about a dozen other things floating around in my head. I will leave you with this picture until I can snap some with my actual camera, but for now it is bed, seeing as how its back to work tomorrow.

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