Wednesday, January 16, 2013


That's the best way to describe the Scrappy Trip Along quilt. I finished 4 more blocks now, for a total of 8. I think I would like to do 28 more for a total of 36, if I can keep it up. I have lots more things I NEED to do. My goals this year are always in the back on my mind and we are already halfway through January. Besides my Weekender Bag I don't really have any finishes. Just another quilt top to add to the pile of UFO that are growing exponentially.

But aren't they awesome??

The block in the lower right hand corner is my favorite so far I think!

I was going to try and only use fabrics from other projects, but I discovered I have WAY too much pink and purple (Because all but one of the 5 baby quilts I made this year were for girls!) I had some fabrics that came from Connecting Threads (Finally!) and I cut up some of those and added them in. I had very little green or orange in my stash. I had just happened to order some of both of those. So they will be making their way in before it is all said and done. I think this may become a work in progress and as I finish other projects this year I will add a strip to my pile.
I am also determined to get a few other things crossed off my list very soon. I have a quilt top made from a layer cake of Butterscotch and Roses by Fig Tree Quilts that has been sitting around for months now. It is just waiting for backing and quilting. I am going to buy the backing next week and get started on it. I got the idea from Pinterest when I saw a quilt that was just large blocks sewn together and the quilting was vertical and horizontal quilting, alternating with each block.
I also now have my Sidebraid quilt top and blocks for a log cabin quilt for my boyfriend. The quilt he sleeps with has about had it. I thought about trying to repair it, but it is a goner, and it was a cheap store bought quilt he had before he had me to make him quilts ;)

Here is a sneak peek at some of the blocks. He likes dark more neutral colors than I do, and he picked out the barn panels before he knew this quilt would be for him. (once again I apologize for the iPhone pics, but this is what happens when you work until 6 PM and you live in an area where rain has been coming down almost nonstop for over a week!) I am planning on putting sashing between the blocks and a border and then it should be large enough for the bed! We each have our own quilts, that way we don't fight for blankets in the middle of the night. When I finish my Farmer's Wife quilt I plan on putting it on the bed. Right now I sleep under the first quilt I ever made, and I want to save that one. Its completely done by hand and I worry about it falling apart too soon if I keep using it.
My goals for the next couple of months are to get 3 quilts done from start to finish while working on my Scrappy Trip Along and refocusing on my Farmer's Wife blocks. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!!

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