Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sneak Peak

Saturday morning we woke up and loaded up the car and took a drive. We've been doing that a lot lately. We drove Route 60 toward Lewisburg, past Hawk's Nest and Babcock State Park where we went a few weeks ago and instead stopped at a waterfall, a covered bridge and then did some browsing in Historic Lewisburg, hitting up all the antique shops. Since this is mostly a quilt blog, and I haven't posted nearly enough quilt pictures lately I thought I would share some of the beautiful antique quilts we saw.

A beautiful cathedral window quilt
Just a sampling of some of the quilts we ran across in one antique shop

A close up of my favorite quilt on the rack. I love the colors!
My favorite quilt, a wonderful pink double wedding ring. This is my inspiration for my
some day future double wedding ring quilt
And here is a sneak peek of something I finished last night. 
I still need to add the label but I am already enjoying snuggling under it

I will save some of the other pictures for another post. I got some good shots from some different places along our little drive. We met my father, sister and brother in law at Sherwood Lake, they were camping. We spent the evening and ate hot dogs, then drove back home. It was nice to get away even for just a day.

I had hoped to get some pictures of my quilts while we were driving around but it was threatening rain, I am planning several posts in the next week or so to catch up on my finished projects.

What have you been up to this summer??

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