Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summertime is Busy Time

Sorry I've been MIA lately, and even more sorry for the lack of finished project pictures. We have been super busy this summer, and have been spending our time going and doing pretty much everything. Last week we went to Fairmont to visit my boyfriend's family for 4th of July and Friday we drove to Ripley to the Mountain State Art and Craft Festival. I was more than a little disappointed that really no one was selling quilts, or very much fiber arts at all, but there was A LOT to look at. Our favorite things were probably the handmade wooden toys. They did have a quilt expo, I didn't get many pictures because there were LOTS of people there, but I did manage to snap a few.

There were dozens and dozens of these striped circus tents with hundreds of craft vendors. Everything from handmade soaps to hand carved fireplace mantels. It was MISERABLY hot and humid the day we were there, but we still spent several hours walking around and enjoying ourselves. 

They also had civil war re-enactors and they even fired a canon!

They also showcased some people making their crafts. At the re-enactors area they had people making hand made wooden buckets. It was neat to watch them shaving away at the cedar 

They had maybe a dozen quilts that were part of a quilt expo and they had two Dear Jane quilts. The second once was quilted by hand. I couldn't tell if it was pieced by hand or not. They were both beautiful.

And just to round out our day, a Conestoga wagon!

This weekend the plan is to go camping with my family and hopefully take some pictures of my finished projects. I've managed to make good progress on several things lately and can't wait to share! (Hopefully the rain will let up too, we have had rain EVERY day for the last almost 2 weeks!)

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