Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is almost here

I have been even busier than usual lately. Between getting ready for Christmas and just every day obstacles I am exhausted. We have been having a lot of obstacles lately. My boyfriend is back in the hospital, as well as my grandmother. That is where I've spent most of my day today. It looks like some of Christmas Day will be spent there. My grandmother should be home (hopefully) before then, but my boyfriend was being admitted today.

I am hoping to get some sewing accomplished this evening to help take my mind off everything and to complete a few last minute Christmas gifts. A few days ago I tried my hand at some adorable zippy pouches and I am addicted. I bought some bright fat quarters and pretty colored zips today and plan on turning them into an arsenal of adorable gifts. My boyfriend bought his mother and sisters some various small items to carry in their purses or cars (think hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray etc) My boyfriend is very practical and believes in always being prepared. I believe things should also be cute! So I am going to put together some of the zippy pouches for their practical presents to go in to make them even more practical and organized and CUTE!

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