Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recap of 2012

It has been a busy year!

I can't believe that this past January I finished my first quilt! Literally, I finished hand quilting it New Years Eve and finished the binding a few weeks later. It was done completely by hand and is queen sized. It took me almost 2 years to finish and now I am a full fledged quilt and fabric addict.

There have also been a lot of things in my personal life. A lot of trials and tribulations, and I am hoping and praying with everything in me that 2013 will be better and full of even more quilts! My boyfriend is still struggling with medical problems, and I have to admit that at this point I am feeling very hopeless for a solution, but I am trying very hard to stay positive for him. I know this blog is mostly about quilting, but it also gives me a chance to vent and get things off my mind. I won't go into details about his issues because I know he wouldn't want me to. He is a very private person and I will respect that, but if you are the praying type please say a few prayers for him and for me, for strength and patience. And if you aren't the praying type please just send positive thoughts our way! I appreciate it :)

I don't have good pictures of all the quilts or projects that I have completed this year (that is one of my New Year Resolutions, get more and better pictures!) but some of my favorites I have compiled into a quick collage just as a small recap of what I have accomplished this year.

I have so many things I want to do next year! See my post HERE I know this list will continue to grow as the year progresses so I tried to keep it rather short for the moment! The three things I am most excited to finish are my Farmer's Wife Quilt (I may or may not make the full 111 blocks, haven't made up my mind yet), my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt (You can see some of my flowers in the collage above) and of course my Weekender bag!

Keep checking back to see what I get into in 2013!

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