Monday, May 14, 2012

Future Projects

I've put my table runner on hold for a day or two, just to ponder over how I like the border and decide whether or not my weekend will be spent ripping sreams or sewing more. So right now I am making a pillow to go with my very first quilt. I'm basically just making an extra block and then I'm going to make a sham out of it to go over a pillow form, but it seems like anymore I go crazy if I'm not sewing something.

I've had all kinds of ideas for future projects, the next one will probably be the watermelon quilt I've been thinking about. I already have the pink and green fabrics, just need to decide on a background fabric, and start cutting. I'm going to use it as a picnic quilt and may eventually have to make a thermal bag to match it to take on picnics, or maybe find a picnic basket and make a matching lining. After that it will be a Christmas quilt. I've already designed a couple different ideas for wall hangings, and throws and tablerunners. So I'm not sure which will win out, probably a wall hanging or maybe a tree skirt! Something small. Since I do everything by hand (at least right now) the big projects take me months between work and everything else I do. It takes me a whole evening to sew a few blocks, and when its a large quilt, or even a large throw it gets really long and tedious looking at the same fabrics.

Boyfriend is still in the hospital, and I still miss him. Sat with him for a few hours and talked and watched tv and sewed. I've gotten a lot of sewing done in hospitals the past few months.

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