Tuesday, May 15, 2012

List Making Mood

I kind of stole this idea from another blog, actually there were probably a dozen that had the same idea and I can't recall which I saw it on first. I have gotten sucked into reading quilt blogs recently. I'm making a list of projects I want to complete, and hopefully I will be updating this list and crossing things off as they are completed! (This is in no particular order)

1. Pillow cases for my bed quilt and to match my boyfriend's American flag throw
2. Christmas table topper
3. A dress for myself
4. Finish enough Raggedy Annies for the people who have already requested them
5. Table runner for my sister
6. Table runner for my boyfriend's mother
7. Halloween treat bags for my little cousins, and possibly my boyfriend's nephew and nieces
8. Make a quilt using a jelly roll (I have several patterns and still haven't decided on one)
9. My watermelon picnic quilt

I'm sure I will be adding more things to this list a lot faster than I will be crossing things off, but hopefully soon I will be getting the sewing/quilting machine I want and that will make everything go faster. If it weren't for the fact that I can piece and quilt faster with the machine I would do everything by hand as I find it totally soothing, and not having something to work on in my hands nearly drives me crazy.

Looking at this list I may be buying a lot of fabric this weekend...

Speaking of projects I have decided to leave the borders on my table runner so here is the picture so far, of course I still have the 2 short sides to sew on.

The fabrics are from the Autumn Moon collection by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers Fabrics.

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