Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Just a quick post tonight before bed. Happy Mother's day to everyone (if anyone is actually reading these!) I spent most of the day with my dad, sister and brother in law. We went to my grandmother's house and had a cookout with my Uncles and Aunts and some of my cousins. My sister and I went to the cemetery and took mom the flowers we got.
I still miss her every day, and I thank her for making me such a strong and creative person. I get my love of sewing from her, she didn't do much of it as we got older but I still have some of the quilts she made years ago. We've somehow lost the clown quilt she made for me as a baby, which breaks my heart to no end. I'm pretty sure it is gone for good.

My boyfriend and I also had a bad start to the day, he was feeling bad this morning, so he is back in the hospital for now. It breaks my heart when he isn't here with me. Especially on a day like today. He helps keep me sane, and knows exactly how to cheer me up. But I had a good day with my family. I also managed to get some sewing done when I got home. I got the ends sewed on to my table runner and started to get the border sewed on. I thought I was going to absolutely love the way the border looks because the print was gorgeous, but I am starting to have second thoughts now. I will have to think about it for a day or so before I sew the other sides on and decide if I want to keep it or rip it off.

I'm not posting the picture of the border on it just yet, in case I decide to rip it off and brainstorm some more. Sitting here looking at it now, I kind of like it. The colors are just so beautiful, I just wish I loved it on the quilt as much as I loved it in my mind.

It's off to bed now though, Monday morning's come way too quickly.

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